Summary of speed regulation problems of DC geared motors

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    1. Adjustable speed of DC geared motor. (If it is not a DC brushless motor) Use an adjustable voltage DC power supply to power the DC geared motor, and adjust the power supply voltage to adjust the speed of the DC geared motor;

    2. The deceleration and speed regulation of DC geared motors are two different things. Speed regulation refers to changing the supply voltage of the DC motor (or changing the driving circuit parameters of the DC motor) to achieve the purpose of adjusting the speed, while deceleration (in most cases) refers to the installation of a certain speed ratio reducer on the output shaft of the DC motor to achieve Deceleration (while increasing torque);

    3. DC geared motors are divided into "brushed motors" and "brushless motors". The former can be adjusted by changing the supply voltage. The voltage of the latter must be constant (brushless DC motors cannot be changed by changing the power supply voltage. Make adjustments), but by adjusting the drive to achieve adjustment purposes;

    4. There are two types of drives for DC geared motors: built-in and external. Most of the built-in brushless DC motors cannot adjust the speed. Whether the externally driven brushless DC motors can adjust the speed depends on the structure of the drive.

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