What are the differences between brushless and brushed DC geared motors?

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    I. scope of application

    Brushless DC geared motor : It is usually used on equipment with high control requirements and high speed, such as aircraft models, instruments and other equipment manufacturers that strictly control the speed of the motor and reach a high speed. Brushed geared motors usually use brushed motors for power equipment, such as hair dryers, factory motors, household range hoods, etc. In addition, the speed of series motors can also reach very high, but due to the wear of carbon brushes, The service life is not as good as a brushless geared motor.

    Second, the service life

    Brushless DC geared motors: The service life of brushless DC motors is usually in the order of tens of thousands of hours, but the service life of brushless motors varies greatly due to different bearings. Brushed geared motors usually have a continuous working life of several hundred to more than 1,000 hours. When the limit of use is reached, the carbon brushes need to be replaced, otherwise it is easy to cause bearing wear.

    Use effect

    DC brushless geared motor: usually digital frequency conversion control, strong controllability, from several revolutions per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute can be easily realized. Brushed geared motors generally have a constant working speed after startup, and speed adjustment is not easy. Series-excited motors can also reach 20,000 rpm, but the service life will be short.

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