How to avoid DC core wear

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    The use of DC geared motors is more common now. There are many reasons for the surface damage of this equipment. Usually we pay attention to it during the use. In order to avoid these situations, we need to pay attention to the following points when using it. Aspects.

    The silicon steel sheet for the abraded part of the core is annealed due to friction and overheating. As a result, the magnetic permeability of the silicon steel sheet is reduced. If it is not processed in time, the insulation of the core will age. The eddy current is constantly increasing, which causes the temperature rise of the DC geared motor to increase. As a result, the motor is overheated or even burned. Due to the stator of the DC motor, the air gap between the rotor is very small.

    Once the bearing of the DC geared motor is severely worn, overloaded or impacted, the bearing is slightly deformed or bent, which will cause the rotor to scavenge. As a result of the bore cleaning, the surface of the iron core is abraded from light to heavy, and the core is worn away and the windings will be burned. During the operation of the DC geared motor, even if the rotor only has a slight screeching sound,

    In view of the abrasion of the core, what we have to do is to cut off the power immediately, stop the DC geared motor and check it. During the inspection, open the end cover of the DC motor, take out the rotor, carefully check the abrasion site and extent of the iron core, and find out the cause of the abrasion. The core should be replaced if the abrasion is severe.

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