Difference between DC motor and AC motor

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    The principle of a DC motor is simple, the mechanism is complex, and it is not easy to maintain. The AC motor is the opposite. Next, we will introduce the differences between DC motors and AC motors in detail.

    首先两者的外部供电不同,直流电机使用直流电做为电源;而交流电机则是使用交流电做为电源。 1. DC motor and AC motor have different external power supply. DC motor uses DC power as the power source; AC motor uses AC power as the power source.

    从结构上说,前者的原理相对简单,但结构复杂,不便于维护;而后者原理复杂但结构相对简单,而且比直流电机便于维护。 2. The structure of the DC motor and the AC motor is relatively simple, but the structure is complex, and it is not easy to maintain; the latter is more complex, but the structure is relatively simple, and it is easier to maintain than the DC motor.

    3. The DC motor is a magnetic field that does not move, and the conductor moves in the magnetic field; the AC motor is a magnetic field that rotates, and the conductor does not move.

    4. In terms of speed regulation, DC motors can achieve smooth and economical speed regulation without the cooperation of other equipment. As long as the input or excitation voltage and current are changed, the speed regulation can be achieved; while the AC motor itself cannot complete the speed regulation, it needs the help of frequency conversion. Equipment to implement speed changes.

    电机结构不同,直流电机通的是直流电,不会直接产生旋转磁场,它依靠随转子转动的换向器随时改变进入转子的电流方向,使转子定子间的磁场的极性一直相反,这样转子才能转动;而交流电机因为使用的是交流电,只要定子线圈按相位布局,自然会产生旋转磁场。 5. The structure of the DC motor is different from that of the AC motor . The DC motor is powered by direct current and does not directly generate a rotating magnetic field. It relies on the commutator that rotates with the rotor to change the direction of the current entering the rotor at any time, so that the poles of the magnetic field between the rotor and stator are polarized. The characteristics are always the opposite, so that the rotor can rotate; and because the AC motor uses AC power, as long as the stator coils are arranged in phase, a rotating magnetic field will naturally be generated.

    的区别的主要内容。 The above is the main content of the difference between DC motors and AC motors . If you are interested in DC motors, please contact us. We regularly update the professional content of DC motors for your reference.

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