Precautions for using DC geared motors

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    Many people know that DC geared motor is a kind of motor, which is widely used in machinery industry. In daily use, you need to pay attention to the use matters to avoid problems.

    1. When using a DC geared motor , the center axis of the DC geared motor needs to be centered, because if it is not deteriorated in the middle, an error in the center axis of the DC geared motor will lead to the service life of the DC geared motor.

    2. It is best to stabilize on a horizontal plane to ensure the stability of the base of the DC geared motor, and the oil in the oil drain groove of the DC geared motor needs to be drained clean. When running, under normal circumstances, there will not be too much vibration and noise. If there is, it is that the gear of the DC reduction motor is damaged. At this time, you need to add some lubricant to the gear. Then install protective equipment.

    3. When moving parts on the output shaft of the DC geared motor , you cannot strike with a hammer. Hitting Ronggui will cause the DC geared motor drive parts to be pushed in, which may cause damage to internal parts. The use of a rigid fixed coupling is required so that the output shaft of the fuselage will not be broken.

    4. When using a DC geared motor, the staff should not approach the oil standard under normal circumstances, except for some operations such as the need for an air vent plug or an oil drain plug for the DC geared motor. Before use, you should also carefully check the accuracy of the DC geared motor, such as how the various fasteners are, and whether the components can be flexibly rotated. Guaranteed operation can work in a stable, shock-free, small vibration, and no oil leakage environment.

    The above is the main content of what need to pay attention to when using DC geared motor.

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