Selection notes of miniature DC geared motor

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    In order to meet the needs of various industries, miniature DC geared motors are divided into many types, and parameters such as power, voltage, and current are different. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when purchasing miniature DC geared motors:
    1. Determine the type parameters of the miniature DC geared motor, including voltage, current, power, horsepower and installation method;
    2, style confirmation, fax sample pictures or use QQ tools, Want Want and email to confirm whether there is an error; =
    3. Confirmation of installation dimensions, parameters of the geared motor's feet, output shaft and its peripheral dimensions;
    4. Whether an electromagnetic brake is attached, according to the actual needs, the device is powered off and works.
    6. The delivery method is express delivery, air freight, general shipping, or door-to-door delivery.

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