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What are the main points of digital control of DC motor and BLDC control?

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    What are the main points of digital control of DC motor and BLDC control?

    When it comes to DC motors, I have to talk about DC motor control technology. DC motor control technology has been well developed. It mainly includes digital control and BLDC control without position sensor. specialty.

    1.Digital control

    The digital control system is based on a microprocessor, which can realize unimaginable high complexity and high precision control. With the emergence of microelectronics technology, microprocessors and the increase of computing speed, as well as the development of computer software, automatic control systems have gone too far. Digital control systems that focus on digital processing and high-speed digital processing are the core. Due to the advantages of small size and convenient implementation of digital speed control system, not only general PID control, complex vector control, nonlinear robust control, fuzzy control, etc. can be implemented.

    2.BLDC control without position sensor

    Due to the cancellation of the position on the DC motor body, all the hardware is placed in the electronic switch circuit to reduce the size and cost of the DC motor. Because the conduction and commutation time of each phase winding can no longer depend on the position sensor signal, a magnetic pole position detection circuit is added to the control circuit. Since the accurate rotor position signal is generally difficult when the motor is stopped or the speed is low It is detected, so BLDC without position sensor generally needs a special starting circuit, and other links are the same as BLDC with position sensor.


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