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What are the factors that affect the service life of DC geared motors

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    What are the factors that affect the service life of DC geared motors

    The service life of the geared motor varies greatly depending on the load conditions, the operation mode, and the use environment. I often hear customers say that the motor is broken when it is used. What factors affect the life of the geared motor? The following conditions are factors that affect the service life. Please consult the DC geared motor manufacturer when using.

    1. Use of a geared motor that exceeds the rated torque load causes the coil to burn out if the temperature rises too quickly,

    2. Frequent startup

    3. Instantaneous reversal of forward and reverse directions

    4. Impact loading

    5. Long-term continuous operation

    6. Forced rotation output shaft

    7. Use of exceeding the allowable load of overhanging suspension and exceeding the allowable thrust load

    8.Pulse drive for braking, reverse current, PWM braking, etc.

    9. Use voltages outside the standard rated specifications

    10. Beyond the use temperature range, relative humidity range, or use in special environments.

    Therefore, when the user has the above special use conditions when selecting the geared motor, he needs to confirm the demand with the technical staff of the geared motor manufacturer before making a decision.


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