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What causes the reactive power swing of the DC motor?

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    What causes the reactive power swing of the DC motor ?

    1) Reactive power swing of the generator caused by the unstable output voltage of the exciter: Because the output voltage of the exciter cannot be stabilized, the generator rotor voltage and current fluctuate, which causes the reactive power of the generator to swing significantly.

    2) Reactive power distribution between generators when the system voltage changes: When the system voltage changes slightly, the reactive power of the generator will also change greatly, which is determined by the relationship between the voltage and reactive power of the generator . The generator has the following adjustment characteristics. From the adjustment characteristics of the generator, it can be known that when the excitation current of the generator is unchanged, the change in the generator's outlet voltage, that is, the system voltage, will cause the generator's reactive current to change. The reactive current decreases, and the reactive current increases when the voltage decreases. When multiple generators are operated in parallel and the excitation current is constant, the amount of generator reactive power change caused by system voltage or reactive power changes is determined by the generator's differential adjustment characteristics. When the system reactive power fluctuates, power generation with a small adjustment coefficient The machine undertakes more reactive power distribution.


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