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Introduction of Electric Spindle for DC Geared Motor

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    Introduction of Electric Spindle for DC Geared Motor

    The electric spindle is a set of components, which includes the electric spindle itself and its accessories: electric spindle, high frequency variable frequency device, oil mist lubricator, cooling device, built-in encoder, and tool changing device.

    Among them, the technology of electric spindle integration:

    1. High-speed bearing technology: Electric spindles usually use composite ceramic bearings, which are wear-resistant and heat-resistant, and have a life several times that of traditional bearings. Sometimes electromagnetic suspension bearings or static pressure bearings are also used.

    2. High-speed motor technology: The electric main shaft is the product of the fusion of a DC geared motor and the main shaft. The rotor of the DC geared motor is the rotating part of the main shaft. In theory, the electric main shaft can be regarded as a high-speed device. The key technology is dynamic balancing at high speeds.

    The electric spindle is a new technology that combines the machine tool spindle and the spindle motor in the field of CNC machine tools in recent years. It, along with linear motor technology and high-speed tool technology, will push high-speed machining to a new era.


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