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What causes the DC geared motor not to rotate?

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    What causes the DC geared motor not to rotate?

    First, the problem of the power supply and the power cable;

    Second, the problem of the motor shaft of the DC gear motor;

    Third, it may be a problem with the motor;

    DC gear motor does not rotate processing method:

    First cut off the power supply and check whether the power supply is normal. The nameplate of the geared DC geared motor has the rated voltage of the machine. It should be checked whether the voltage at that time is normal. If normal, check the target machine, that is, the equipment connected to the output shaft. You can try to rotate the shaft to see if it can rotate normally. If you can't, you can separate the geared DC reduction motor and try again, and then determine whether it is a problem of the DC reduction motor or the target device.

    During the inspection, you should pay attention to check whether the shaft is abnormal or not, which will affect the work of the shaft. This is the crack of the paint film, some parts protruded due to the influence of humidity, and the insulation resistance is reduced. After the second drying This will cause a scorching smell in the DC geared motor in this case. In this case, use a shovel to remove the excess paint film on the shaft, clean it, and then remove the small slugs. Although these operations are simple, But if you don't pay attention, there will be new problems.


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