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What factors control the DC geared motor during use?

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    What factors control the DC geared motor during use?

    (1) Forward and reverse

    Because the structure of DC geared motor is very different from DC motor. Therefore, the method of changing the polarity of the power supply cannot be used to change the direction of rotation. The direction of rotation can only be changed by changing the relative relationship between the stator winding magnetic potential and the rotor magnetic field.

    (Two) emblem control

    The DC geared motor is produced and developed along with the digital control technology. Therefore, the digital control of the DC geared motor with a microcomputer is the main control method.

    (Three) speed adjustment

    The speed adjustment of DC geared motor can be realized by changing the voltage. There are two commonly used methods: one is to keep the conduction time of each phase unchanged. Change the magnitude of the voltage amplitude applied to the coil when each phase is on to achieve speed regulation, and the other is to keep the magnitude of the voltage constant and change the length of each phase on time to achieve speed regulation.


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