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Performance characteristics of DC geared motors

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    Performance characteristics of DC geared motors

    Due to the limitation of volume and brush commutator, the speed of DC geared motors is generally in the range of 3000-12000 rpm. As the speed increases, the working life of DC geared motors will be significantly reduced. The precision low-noise motor is used, and a varistor is installed inside to reduce electromagnetic interference to the environment.

    The working life of the DC geared motor is mainly determined by the mechanical wear and electrochemical corrosion of the brushes and commutator. It can run continuously for 300 to 500 hours under the rated load torque and speed.

    Gear box structure and characteristics The load torque of a DC gear motor has a direct relationship with the speed and current. The speed decreases linearly with the increase of the load, and the current increases linearly. When selecting specifications, you should try to work near its maximum efficiency point to obtain ideal running performance, working life and characteristic stability.

    Generally, the use environment of DC geared motors is the same as that of miniature DC motors. If there are special needs, such as ambient temperature, overload conditions, current limitation, etc., it must be explained in advance. The working life of gearboxes generally exceeds the working life of DC motors, which can usually reach 1000 to 3000 hours.

    The total reduction ratio of the gearbox is generally in the range of 1:10 to 1: 500. After special design, it can reach 1: 1000 or more, but the gearbox with a large reduction ratio is not allowed to "reverse", that is, the output shaft of the gearbox cannot be used as the driving shaft to forcibly reverse.

    Due to the limitation of the gear strength of the DC geared motor, when the total transmission is large, the gear motor may not be able to withstand the stall torque, and the load torque at this time cannot exceed the maximum allowable short-term load torque. The gearbox consists of multi-stage gear pairs. Each stage consists of a pair of meshing gear pairs consisting of a plate gear and a pinion. The first pinion is mounted on the output shaft of the motor. The bearings used in the output shaft of the gearbox are usually oil-containing bearings made of sintered copper or iron materials.


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