What mechanical reasons can cause a DC geared motor to vibrate?

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    What mechanical reasons can cause a DC geared motor to vibrate?

    1. The journal ellipse or shaft is bent. When a DC geared motor rotates, interference vibration occurs due to the gravity of the rotor, and its vibration frequency is usually double the operating frequency of the motor. The bending of the rotating shaft causes an unbalanced weight, which rotates around the statically balanced position at an angular velocity, the result is the same as the rotor unbalance. The journal ellipse or the bending of the rotating shaft can be measured with a dial indicator during turning. The journal ellipse must be welded or rounded after brush plating. The bending must be corrected when the shaft is bent.

    2. The armature is unbalanced. Due to the centrifugal force generated by the unbalanced mass during rotation, a rotating force acts on the bearing, causing the vibration of the motor and the foundation. When the air gap is uneven, the main pole is not tight, or the rigidity of the base and the end cover is poor, it will cause the vibration to increase. Therefore, if the rotor is unbalanced during inspection, it must be re-balanced.

    3. The manufacturing error or deformation of the important supporting parts of the machine base and the end cover. Due to the misalignment of the shape and position of the important supporting parts of the rotor, such as the frame and the end cover, especially when the large and medium-sized motors run for a long time, the important supports, such as the frame and the end cover, are deformed. Interference force is generated, causing the motor to vibrate.

    4, the bearing radial clearance is too large, the outer ring and the end cover loose. When assembling, the bearing should pass the inspection. The cooperation of the bearing with the journal and the bearing seat must meet the requirements, otherwise spraying or brushing must be used to prevent the bearing from working and causing vibration. For worn bearings, the frequency of vibration and noise is high when the motor is running, and it is easier to judge. If this is found, the bearing should be replaced.


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