What is the phase loss phenomenon of DC geared motor?

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    What is the phase loss phenomenon of DC geared motor ?

    The phase loss of a DC geared motor is when the motor is at a standstill, if the winding is cut off or the power is cut off and the power is turned on, the two magnetic field points generated by the winding are equal in size and the rotating magnetic field is in opposite directions. Equal, the opposite directions cancel each other, and the phenomenon that the zero-start torque motor cannot start.

    When this phenomenon occurs, we need to check whether the motor is faulty, check whether the power circuit has an open switch, whether there is a fuse, and then check whether there is a current interruption in each phase of the three-phase winding, and restart the DC geared motor. The motor has a barrier fault and cannot be started. If it is buzzing at the same time, the power must be cut off in time.

    If we have a phase loss fault when using a DC geared motor, we must pay attention to the shutdown and inspection in time to ensure the safety of use.


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