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What does each letter of the DC motor model mean?

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    What does each letter of the DC motor model mean?

    Domestic motor types usually use uppercase English Chinese alphabetic Arabic numerals to indicate that the format is: the first part uses the uppercase alphabetic letters to indicate the product code, the second part uses Arabic numerals to indicate the serial number, and the third part uses Arabic numerals to indicate the machine Block code, the fourth part indicates the armature core length code with Arabic numerals.

    Type meaning: Z indicates "straight" flow, 2 indicates the second national finalization plan, and the number after the horizontal line indicates the seat number and core length. For example, Z2-11, the first 1 represents the number 1 and the latter 1 represents the short core. In Z2-112, 11 stands for base 11 and 2 stands for long iron core.


    Types include motor series, frame number, core length, planning times, number of poles, etc.

    For example, the meaning of Z450-4B: z indicates a DC motor, 450 is the center height of the motor, 4 is the interval code between the shaft of the foot hole, and b is the second motor.

    Electric motors are divided into two categories according to their use: the first category (A category): DC motors for general industry; the second category (B category): DC motors for metal rolling mills. Class A and B refer to the short-term overload capability of the motor, and Class B is stronger than the overload capability of Class A.

    2.Extra power

    About DC motor refers to the mechanical power promised on the shaft during long-term use. Units are usually expressed in KW.

    3.Extra voltage

    DC motor refers to the input voltage applied to the motor from both ends of the brush when operating under additional conditions. The unit is indicated by V.

    4.Extra current

    About the motor refers to the working current that is allowed to be input for a long time when the extra power is output under extra voltage. The unit is indicated by A.

    5.Extra speed

    When the motor is working under extra working conditions, the rotor speed is extra speed. The unit is indicated in r / min (revolutions per minute). DC motor nameplates usually have low and high speeds. Low speed is the basic speed and high speed is the highest speed.

    6.Excitation method

    Refers to the power supply method of the field winding. There are usually three types of self-excitation, self-excitation and re-excitation. The motor is parallel or with a few stable windings or he encourages magnetism. The generator is double-excited or he encourages magnetism (a generator with an additional voltage of 230 volts), and the voltage-regulated generator is and encourages magnetism (without series-excited winding). He encourages the magnetic voltage to be made in 110 volts or 220 volts. The extra voltage of the motor is only 110 volts.

    7.Excitation voltage

    Refers to the voltage value of the field winding power supply. There are usually 110V, 220V, etc. The unit is V.

    8.Excitation current

    At the additional excitation voltage, the current flowing in the field winding is huge. The unit is A.


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