What is the effect of insulation impregnation on DC motors?

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    What is the effect of insulation impregnation on DC motors ?

    1.Improve mechanical strength

    After rewinding the DC motor, especially after rewinding the low-voltage DC motor, the winding of the DC motor is a loose body composed of various insulators, such as slot wedges, slot insulation, various pads, pads, end pads, and coils. The windings themselves are loose. If they are not immersed, the windings will soon wear and loose under the action of electromagnetic stress and electromagnetic vibration and mechanical stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction when the DC motor is running. The insulation of each part is damaged, especially the DC motor with temperature rise and forward and reverse rotation, which damages faster. However, after impregnating with insulating paint, all the insulation parts, insulating material surfaces and pores of the DC motor are immersed in the insulating paint and bonded into a whole, which improves the mechanical strength of the winding and can increase the resistance of the winding to various stresses. Increase the life of DC motors.

    2.Improve winding thermal conductivity and heat resistance

    Before the DC motor rewinding coil is not impregnated, micro holes exist in various insulating materials in the insulation structure, and there are air gaps between the groups and the insulation. These micro holes and air gaps are filled with air, and the air is Poor heat conductor affects the heat dissipation of the DC motor. If the DC motor is impregnated, the insulating paint is filled into the pores and capillaries of each insulating material and all air gaps, then the thermal conductivity will be greatly improved, because the thermal conductivity of the insulating paint is 5 times that of air. The temperature rise of a DC motor with ordinary varnish can be reduced by 10K compared to that of a DC motor without varnish, and the temperature rise of a DC motor with vacuum varnish is 5K lower than that of a DC motor with normal varnish.

    3.Improve the winding resistance to external environment

    DC motors are usually operated in an environment with humidity, alkali, salt and other harmful gases, which accelerates the degradation of the insulation performance and even causes insulation breakdown. After the DC motor winding is immersed, it can slow down the erosion rate of the external environment.

    4.Improve electrical strength

    The breakdown strength of air is far lower than various insulation materials of DC motors, and because of the small relative permittivity of the air gap, the strength of the electric field is the highest. After the DC motor insulation is impregnated, the space of the air is replaced by insulating paint, which improves The dielectric constant and the ability to withstand the electric field strength. In addition, after the insulating varnish fills the insulation gaps and capillaries, it can improve the electric field distribution and repair the weak points of the insulation, thus improving the insulation electrical strength of the DC motor.


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