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What should I pay attention to when draining DC motors?

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    What should I pay attention to when draining DC motors ?

    If you want to drain all the oil from the DC motor box, you can unscrew the oil drain plug at the bottom of the box to drain the oil.

    When the DC motor is draining oil from outside, the height of the liquid surface from the tank top plate should not exceed 30 mm to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the bearings in the machine. When the volume of the working chamber of the jack is too large, an additional fuel tank is required to ensure that the minimum liquid level after the oil is drained is not less than 100 mm to avoid suction.

    After the speed-controlled hydraulic DC motor runs for the first time for 500 hours, the oil should be changed and the fuel tank and oil filter should be cleaned. Use visual inspection and laboratory tests to test the oil quality. Change the oil when the oil quality deteriorates. The oil tank and oil filter must be cleaned at the same time when changing the oil. If there is metal shavings or water in the oil, find the cause and troubleshoot.

    In the short period of time when the liquid level is lowered, the bearings are lubricated by the oil attached and the splash oil of the plunger spring. The oil tank and the oil filter under the machine are made of 230 mesh / inch copper wire mesh. To prevent clogging, the temperature of the oil in the fuel tank should not exceed 60 ° C during use. If necessary, take appropriate measures to cool it.


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