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How to avoid blocking of DC motor?

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    How can DC motors avoid clogging?

    1. Regularly change the lubricant and wear parts

    The main moving parts inside a DC motor include a worm, a worm wheel, a slider, and a Dingxin piston. The wear of these components will directly reduce the flow of the motor or not at all. The current solution is to replace the lubricant, wear parts and clean the hydraulic chamber regularly.

    2. Strict operating procedures

    Start and stop should be operated strictly in accordance with the requirements of use. At start-up, the motor is turned on with zero output, and the pressure regulator plate can be filled with nitrogen only when there is a certain pressure at the motor outlet. Avoid large deformation of the diaphragm due to nitrogen filling, to prevent the diaphragm from rupturing; when the motor output is increased, it should be performed slowly; when the motor is stopped, the motor output should also be slowly reduced.

    Third, strengthen the maintenance of the motor

    Periodic inspection during operation, focusing on the inspection of lubricant oil level, machine motor sound, outlet pressure, nitrogen buffer tank pressure, etc. The diaphragm of the motor body and the diaphragm of the nitrogen buffer tank are regularly replaced to effectively prevent the catalyst from being stopped due to the simultaneous damage of the two motors.


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