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Introduction to fixed and rotating parts of DC motors

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    Introduction to fixed and rotating parts of DC motors

    The composition of the DC motor is divided into a fixed part and a rotating part. The stator includes a main magnetic pole, a commutating pole, a base, an end cover, a bearing and a brush device. The rotating parts are divided into armature core, armature winding, commutator, shaft, and fan.


    The commutator converts the AC potential inside the armature winding into a DC potential between the brushes by mechanically switching. The armature current can be connected to the external circuit via a stationary telephone via a rotating steering gear. The rotating armature is connected to an external circuit and cooperates with a commutator to obtain a DC voltage. The DC motor excitation method is the connection method of the field winding and the armature winding, which has a great impact on the operating characteristics of the motor.

    The DC winding is a closed winding, and the two ends of each element are respectively connected to two commutator segments. Each commutator segment is connected to two elements. Each element is connected at a time by a certain rule to form a closed loop.

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