About the armature response of a DC motor

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    A DC motor is a rotating electrical machine that converts DC electrical energy into mechanical energy or converts mechanical energy into DC electrical energy. With the continuous improvement of DC motors, its application range is also expanding, covering almost all areas of our lives. In order to improve your understanding of DC motors, the armature response of DC motors is described in detail below:

    When the DC motor is under no load, the air gap magnetic density distribution generated by the magnetizing potential alone is a flat top wave. When the armature winding flows, the armature winding Ia flows to generate armature magnetic potential Fa. When the load is established with the magnetizing potential Ff, The air gap combined magnetic density will inevitably change the original air gap magnetic density distribution.

    The influence of the armature magnetic potential on the air-gap magnetic density distribution is usually called the armature reaction. The armature magnetic field generated in the air gap of the motor when the armature magnetic potential acts alone, and then the armature magnetic field and the no-load air-gap magnetic field are combined to obtain the load magnetic field. Compared with the no-load air-gap magnetic field, the armature can be understood. Impact of the reaction.
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