Precautions and steps for installing and removing DC geared motors

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    Notes on installing DC geared motors :

    1. The output shaft of the DC geared motor must be equipped with couplings, belt pulleys, sprocket wheels and other couplings. Direct hammering cannot be used. Screws can be screwed into the couplings at the end of the shaft. 2. Connect the motor and reducer naturally. When connecting, the concentricity of the reducer output shaft and the motor input shaft must be the same, and the outer flanges of the two are parallel.

    3. Before use, the block at the highest position should be replaced with an exhaust screw plug to ensure that the body gas is discharged when the DC motor is running.

    4. Make sure that the motor and reducer are intact before installation, and strictly check whether the dimensions of the parts connected to the motor and the reducer match.

    5. Change the oil in time. Pay special attention to the first oil change. The first time you should run the oil for 300 to 400 hours, you should change the oil in time, and then change the oil every 1500 to 2000 hours. If there is dirt in the lubricant, replace the lubricant to keep the lubricant clean, extend the life of the DC motor, and improve economic efficiency.

    6. The mounting bolts must be uniformly stressed. First, screw up the mounting bolts at any diagonal position, do not tighten, then screw in the other two diagonal mounting bolts, and finally tighten the four mounting bolts one by one.

    Steps for removing DC geared motor:

    1. Remove all external connection wires of the motor.

    2. Remove the end cap screws and bearing caps at the commutator end and remove the bearing outer cap.

    3. Open the ventilation window of the end cover, remove the brush from the brush holder, and then remove the connecting wire on the brush rod.

    4. Remove the end cap of the commutator end and remove the brush holder. When disassembling a motor with a brush, the brush should be taken out of the brush holder. For DC motors, the position of the neutral line of the brush should be marked.

    5. Wrap the commutator with thick paper or cloth to keep it clean and prevent injuries.

    6. Remove the end cap screws at the shaft extension and take the armature out of the stator.

    7. Remove the bearing cover screws at the shaft extension, remove the bearing outer cover and the end cover bearing. If the bearing is not damaged, it does not need to be removed.

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