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DC geared motors have a higher utilization rate because of their advantages

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    Advantages of DC geared motor :

    First, due to the use of international advanced production technology, its products have a higher scientific and technological content.

    2. In terms of energy saving, DC geared motors use high-quality section steel materials, cast iron boxes, and gear surfaces that have undergone high-frequency heat treatment. The gearboxes have higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.

    Third, the systematic and modular design concept makes DC geared motors widely applicable.

    Fourth, the machining with high accuracy has formed the mechatronics configuration of the DC geared motor, which guarantees the quality of the equipment.

    Fifth, the DC geared motor is designed with simple space saving in mind.

    Understanding more relevant knowledge of DC geared motors can help staff to better operate the equipment. If you want to know more information, please feel free to follow our website. There are many types of DC geared motors. To classify them, they can be roughly divided into high-power geared motors, coaxial helical geared motors, parallel shaft helical geared motors, spiral bevel geared motors, and YCJ series geared motors. Five categories of motors. The gear reduction motors in these five categories are also called DC reduction motors. This motor is based on ordinary DC motors and has a matching gear reduction box.

    The installation of the gear reducer is mainly to reduce the speed of the reducer, thereby increasing the torque. Different gear reducers provide different speeds and torques for the reducer. Therefore, the use of DC geared motors in the automation industry is high.

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