How does a DC motor work

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    How does a DC motor work

    1. DC motor rotates through the interaction of two magnetic fields. The stator generates a fixed magnetic field through permanent magnets or excited electromagnets. The rotor consists of a series of electromagnets. When a current passes through one of the windings, a magnetic field is generated. For a brushed DC motor, the commutator on the rotor and the brushes on the stator provide power to each winding as the motor rotates.
    2. The energized rotor winding and the stator magnet have opposite polarities, so they attract each other, so that the rotor rotates to a position aligned with the stator magnetic field. When the rotor reaches the aligned position, the brushes supply power to the next set of windings through the commutator, so that the rotor maintains rotational motion.
    3. A ring-shaped permanent magnet is fixed inside the DC motor. The current generates Loren magnetic force through the coil on the rotor. When the coil on the rotor is parallel to the magnetic field, the direction of the magnetic field will continue to change. The brush comes into contact with the conversion piece alternately, so that the direction of the current on the coil also changes, and the direction of the generated Loren magnetic force does not change, so the motor can keep rotating in one direction.

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