There are several ways of exciting DC motors.

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    1. DC separately-excited motor: There is no electrical connection between the excitation winding and the armature, and the excitation circuit is supplied by another DC power supply. Therefore, the DC motor is not affected by the armature terminal voltage or the armature current.

    2. DC parallel-excited motor: The circuit is connected in parallel, shunted, and the voltage across the parallel winding is the voltage across the armature, but the field winding is wound with thin wires, which has a large number of turns, so it has a large resistance, making it pass through his The excitation current is small.

    3. DC series-excited motor: The current is connected in series, the voltage is divided, and the exciting winding is connected in series with the armature, so the magnetic field of this DC motor changes significantly with the change of the armature current. In order to prevent large losses and voltage drops in the field winding, the smaller the resistance of the field winding, the better. Therefore, a DC series motor is usually wound with a thicker wire and has fewer turns.

    4. DC compound excitation motor: The magnetic flux of the motor is generated by the excitation current in the two windings.

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