How to deal with the vibration phenomenon of DC speed motor

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    During the use of DC speed-regulating motors , there will be vibrations. Some users may ignore this situation. It is unknown that this is also a failure of DC speed-regulating motors. It is also a standard for judging the quality of DC speed-regulating motors. Therefore, it is necessary to actively resolve when vibration occurs to prevent micro-duration.

    The specific countermeasures are as follows:

    · Suppression of rotor imbalance.

    • Maintenance is within the allowable unbalance amount.

    · Improvement of excessive tight fit between shaft and core.

    Improved design for the anisotropy of thermal expansion.

    Improved strength design or assembly.

    · Revision of shaft strength design of DC speed-regulating motor, change of shaft coupling (recommended: Yishun reducer), and correction of straight-to-center.

    · Bearing of bearing end face and shaft attachment section or lock nut.

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