How DC speed motors regulate speed

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    I believe you are not surprised with the DC speed regulating motor . The speed of this device can be controlled and adjusted. Xiaobian will introduce you how to change the speed of the DC motor. Interested friends and Xiaobian will learn about it together.

    There are three methods for speed regulation of DC speed motor:

    1. Adjust the armature voltage. Changing the armature voltage and changing the speed is a constant torque speed regulation method with fast dynamic response and is suitable for a wide range of stepless smooth speed regulation systems.

    2. Changing the main magnetic flux of the motor can only weaken the magnetic flux and make the motor speed rise from the rated speed. It belongs to the constant power speed regulation method. The dynamic response is slow. Although it can be stepless and smooth speed regulation, the speed range is small.

    3. Change the motor armature series resistance in the armature circuit resistance R to adjust the speed. There can only be step speed adjustment, poor smoothness, soft mechanical characteristics and low efficiency.

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