What are the application processing solutions of DC geared motors?

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    1.In terms of cost

    The matching drive of the DC geared motor requires equipment cost. With a set of geared motors, the above-mentioned technical parameters that can be completed at a certain cost can be achieved. The price of the operating cost fluctuates more than 50%.


    The improper load inertia of the geared motor is one of the main reasons for the unstable control of the geared motor. When the load inertia is large, the inverse square of the reduction ratio can be used to distribute the equivalent load inertia to obtain the control response. From the perspective of geared motor performance curve, geared motor is an application with matching control response.

    3. Application equipment life

    Geared motor can also effectively solve the problem of attenuation of low-speed control characteristics. The control of the reduction motor will reduce the speed of the motor, which will cause a certain degree of attenuation, so the use of a reducer can make the motor have a higher speed.

    4.Improve output torque

    The way to increase the torque of the geared motor can be to directly increase the output torque of the geared motor. This method requires the use of expensive and high-powered geared motors.

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