What are the reasons for abnormal vibration of DC geared motors

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    In the process of using DC geared motors , abnormal vibration may occur. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Let ’s break them down:

    a. The anchor screws are loose. Due to the long-term work of the reducer, loose feet or broken screws may occur. This reason must cause the reducer to vibrate and work abnormally.

    b. The coupling is damaged. When the coupling connected to this reducer is damaged due to oil leakage, loose screws, etc., its vibration will be transmitted to the reducer, thereby making the reducer vibration abnormal;

    c. The motor screws are loose. Similar to the coupling failure, when the motor vibrates due to various reasons, it will transmit the vibration to the reducer, making the reducer vibration larger;

    d. Bearing wear is serious. The reason has been explained in 4.2.1, the above reasons will cause the reducer to not work properly;

    e. Gear is damaged. Gear damage includes severe pitting on the tooth surface, large gear mesh clearance, severe gear tooth wear, and broken teeth. The wear of these gears may be that the reducer cannot work properly due to large vibrations;

    f. Shaft deformation is out of balance. When the strength and hardness of the shaft is lower than required or aging due to long-term work, it will cause deformation of the shaft, and the deformation of the shaft will cause large vibration of the reducer;

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