How to calculate the service life of DC geared motors

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    DC geared motors are relatively common miniature geared motors in the electromechanical industry and are widely used in the steel industry and the machinery industry. It is easy to use and stable in operation. Its service life has always been a concern for users. So what factors are related to its service life and how can we extend its service life?

    The life of the DC geared motor is affected by the conditions of use, such as different types of power supplies, operation methods, and types of loads.

    Generally, the life of DC geared motors provided in specifications is the standard test state and conditions. The operating life of geared motors is for reference only. In actual use, please fully test with the real thing to determine the actual life.

    Therefore, the service life of a DC geared motor has an important relationship with its accessories, such as power supply, and use methods. In addition, in addition to supporting the use, we must also pay attention to good maintenance work, so as to better extend the service life.

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