How to maintain DC speed motor

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    DC variable speed motors are widely used in many types, among which brushless DC motors are also widely used, such as automobiles, tools, industrial industrial control, automation, and aerospace. When using or after using, you need to understand the common problems and do maintenance work:

    (1) Before disassembling, blow off the dust on the surface of the motor with compressed air and wipe the dirt off the surface.

    (2) Select a work place where the DC speed-regulating motor disintegrates and clean up the site environment.

    (3) Familiar with the structural characteristics and maintenance technical requirements of the motor.

    (4) Prepare tools (including special tools) and equipment required for disintegration.

    (5) In order to further understand the defects in the operation of the DC speed-adjustable motor, an inspection test can be performed before disassembly if necessary. For this reason, test the motor with a load, check the temperature, sound, and vibration of each part of the motor in detail, and test the voltage, current, and speed. Then disconnect the load and perform a no-load inspection test separately. Carry current and no-load loss, make a record.

    (6) Cut off the power, remove the external wiring of the motor, and make a record.

    (7) Use a megohmmeter with a suitable DC speed motor voltage to test the insulation resistance of the motor. In order to compare the insulation resistance value measured during the last inspection to determine the change trend and insulation state of the motor insulation, the insulation resistance values measured at different temperatures should be converted to the same temperature, generally 75 ° C.

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