Sz series dc servo motor_zemei dc motor series

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SZ series miniature DC servo motors are widely used as actuators in automatic control and other systems, as well as drive elements. This series of motors have the characteristics of small size, light weight, high power and energy indicators, high degree of product serialization and strong generalization of parts. According to the excitation method, this series of motors are divided into three types: separately excited (parallel), cross-excited, and re-excited. According to the use of environmental conditions, this series of motors are divided into two types: ordinary type and wet tropical type.

Conditions of Use

The altitude does not exceed 4000m;
Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ - + 55 ℃
Relative humidity of air ≤95% (at 25 ℃);
Vibration: vibration frequency 10-150Hz, acceleration 2.5g;
Impact: 7g (peak)
Allowable temperature rise: not more than 75k (at an altitude of 1000m);
Any installation position.
For wet tropical electric, it is allowed to work under the following conditions: there is condensation;

Installation type

Installation type
Installation structure type
cabin seat no
Uniaxial extension
Biaxial extension
Outer circle installation
End cap flange mounting
Foot mounting

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Sz series dc servo motor_zemei dc motor series
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