PX series planetary gear motor

  • PX系列行星齿轮减速电动机 Product name: PX series planetary gear reduction motor
  • PX系列行星齿轮减速电动机 Product Category: PX Series Planetary Gear Motor
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J55ZYT-PX, J70SZ-PX, J90SZ-PX, J110SZ-PX, J130SZ-PX series DC planetary reduction motors are respectively 55ZYT permanent magnet DC motor, 70SZ, 90SZ, 110SZ, 130SZ DC servo motor and PX type ordinary precision planetary deceleration It is equipped with a power supply and equipped with a power supply, which can realize stepless speed regulation, wide adjustment range, small size, light weight, high efficiency, compact structure and large output torque. It is widely used in imported equipment and domestic machinery. Such as: four-color printing presses, plastic flat sealers, food and industrial packaging machinery, oil pipeline heating detection devices, welding equipment, and other driving devices that require low speed and high torque and stepless speed regulation. The power supply is equipped with pulse width modulation technology. With advanced short-circuit protection function (refer to the power supply instruction manual for its function), it can output 0-220V continuously adjustable DC stabilized power supply, so that the speed of the motor can achieve stepless speed change and other advantages.

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PX series planetary geared motors are sold in cities: Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hebei
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