SK Series Pulse Width Adjustable Speed Power Supply

  • SK系列脉宽调速电源 Product Name: SK Series Pulse Width Adjustable Speed Power Supply
  • WK、SK系列直流脉宽调速电源 Product Category: WK, SK Series DC Pulse Width Adjustable Speed Power Supply
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Overview: WD-12 24 36 48 series low-voltage high-current PWM pulse-width speed-regulating power supply uses special modules, and the control and power supply are completely isolated to avoid interference with the control system during low-voltage and high-current. Its excellent linear ratio, wide voltage input range, outstanding performance and speed regulation ratio, with stable and reliable quality, make it widely used. This series of products are suitable for battery-powered or DC-powered field operations and low-voltage automatic control.

I. Main technical parameters and characteristics:

1. Input voltage: DC 12 24 36 48V 8. Using pulse width modulation technology, small size and excellent performance

2. Output voltage: DC 0 --- 12 24 36 48V (relative to input voltage) 9. Current setting and limit protection

3. Output current: DC 80A 10. Instantaneous short circuit protection

4. Setting method: Potentiometer 4.7KΩ / 2W 11. Soft start / soft stop function

5. Ambient temperature: -10. C ~ + 60. C 12. Large starting torque at low speed

6. Ambient humidity: relative humidity ≦ 80RH. (No condensation) 13. Remote start and stop

7.Applicable to rare earth, permanent magnet and other excited motors

Second, the potentiometer speed description:

1. Current limit adjustment: CUR

Can limit the maximum output current of the drive board, adjust the potentiometer according to the rated current of the selected motor, so that the maximum output current of the drive board is 120% to 200% of the rated current of the motor

2. Torque compensation adjustment: IR COMP

The IR COMP potentiometer is used to adjust the motor to keep its speed constant when working under different loads.

3. Maximum output voltage adjustment: MAX

Adjust the potentiometer to determine the highest output voltage of the driver. The adjustment range is between 12V and 48V.

Third, the terminal description:

1. Vin + -: DC power input terminal (Note: The positive and negative wiring must be correct, otherwise the governor will be burned).

2. Vout + -: Armature output terminal, connected to the motor armature terminal.

3. Control signal input terminal and start-stop control: Use a 4.7K potentiometer to adjust the speed, and use a switch to control the start-stop of the power supply.

Fourth, the LED indicator description:

1. RUN: work indicator (green)

When the power output voltage is normal, this indicator is on

2. FAU: short circuit protection indicator (red)

When the driver's "+ OUT-" "external short circuit occurs at the output end, the driver will quickly stop output and light up" short circuit protection indicator

5. Installation size: Unit (mm)

Note: When using current over 40A, please be sure to add a heat sink

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